The Bees

In the spring of 2012 I started two beehives in the upper meadow.  There is much to know about beekeeping and I took time to learn what to do (and what equipment to invest in) by attending beekeeping meetings hosted by the Connecticut Beekeepers Association.  

Not only was it very instructive, I met two local beekeepers, Jack Bukoski and Ralph Harrison, who helped me tremendously.   Jack helps me calm down and Ralph helps both of us with the ins and outs of hive management and basic sanity checks.

Between mites, diseases, pesticides and starvation, honey bees lead a precarious existence so I gave the hives some added protection (and decoration).   The hive on the right bears the Eye of Horus, an ancient Egyptian symbol of protection, royal power and good health.    The hive on the left bears the Hand (Khamsa), also a sign of protection as well as blessings, power, and strength.    The stylized red lotuses represent love and compassion.

Well, apparently skunks aren’t superstitious, lack compassion and find bees a tasty snack. The wooden strips you see around the hive are boards of sharp carpet tacks – not nice on little feet. Sometimes one has to strongly encourage good neighborliness, at least until the hives are able to defend themselves better.  Ommmmm…

I will share the many continuing trials, tribulations and joys of beekeeping in my blog.