The Smell of Dirt in February

The Connecticut Flower Show is worth attending just for the smell of plants, mulch and soil.   As luck would have it, one of warmest days we have had in months – it broke all of 50 degrees – was the day I was scheduled to be at the show (inside).  For the past few years I have helped out at the CIPWG (CT Invasive Plant Working Group) booth helping educate – and commiserate with – folks trying to deal with invasive species.    The solutions are rarely easy: chop and pull – and don’t give up first – and as a last resort, the use of herbicides.   This is the one case in which the risks might be worth it for long term benefits.

On a more upbeat note –  the landscape displays and flowers are the anodyne for a snowy, bitter winter.   This whimsical sylvan living room was just charming.  It is hard to resist the urge to step right in and sit down.

Here is one I DSC06294want to add to my gardens – Fothergilla ‘Mount Airy’ .  This native deciduous shrub is a cross between F. gardenii and F. major.   At 4′- 5’, it is taller than the former but shorter than the latter. This picture shows the  spring (April – May) flower spike which is fragrant – and good for the pollinators.  It also has handsome dark green foliage and excellent fall color. What’s not to like?  Yep, maybe this year.