I garden a little chunk of rock in Connecticut.  The White Hills area of Shelton, Connecticut where I live is woodsy and verdant belying that fact that it is really just ledge with a thin covering of dirt (ok, soil).  All gardeners have their challenges, mine are rock, deer and an overly ambitious nature.

I puttered in  a small suburban garden for many years but when we moved to an old Connecticut farm property, the challenges were a bit more daunting.  My quest be a better steward of the land led to a career in horticulture that was unanticipated but in retrospect,  the perfect convergence of my beliefs and passions.

To work the soil is to appreciate the wonders of the cycle of life and the seasons.   To me, every plant, every insect, every microscopic organism, every rock has its story.   So here I share with you what I learn of their stories and of the web of life that connects us all.

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