My Bookshelf

I love to read, browse, and stare over the garden gate at other people’s gardens.  Here are some of my favorites…


A Country Year: Living the Questions

Sue Hubbell

Really about life – with some beekeeping mixed in.   A wonderful read about recovering from the pains of life and finding peace where within.  Interesting the Hubbell connection (we live in the Capt. Christopher Hubbell homestead, ca. 1803 but she is not related)
A Book of Bees: And How to Keep Them

Sue Hubbell

Good information written with a love of bees that leaps off the page at you.
The Beekeepers Handbook

Diana Sammatrao

and  Al Avitabile

Al is incredibly knowledgeable – and we have the luck to have him at many of the CT Beekeepers Association meetings.


The Garden Primer Barbara Damrosch I think the first book on gardening that I read – and I still reference it today.

Botany and Horticulture

Bringing Nature Home – How You Can Sustain Wildlife with Native Plants Douglas Tallamy For anyone who loves nature and want to understand just how critical our actions and stewardship are to the continuance of the diversity of life.  I also had the pleasure of hearing him speak – informative and inspiring.
Teaming with Microbes –The Organic Gardener’s Guide to the Soil Food Web Jeff Lowenfels & Wayne Lewis I will never look at soil the same way again.  There is a complex web of soil-dwelling organisms – earthworms, insects, bacteria, fungi and others – that have a role in creating a healthy soil and a nurturing environment for plants.   Out of ignorance many of our “good” gardening practices actually damage that web.  A very readable and eye opening book – a must for those who love the earth.